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by Catherine Cockcroft on June 24, 2020

House of Health - Miracle Morning Routine



What has two words, 4 syllables, 14 letters and has the potential to change your life?


Before you roles your eyes and close the screen, hear us out. We stumbled across a man by the name of Hal Erold (Erold, n.d.) who has managed to completely change our perspective of morning. To simply put it Hal is a “Hall of Fame business achiever, ultra-marathon runner, multiple #1 bestselling author and international keynote/motivational speaker”. So why are we telling you this? Well Hal did his research and discovered that some of the most successful people in the world have a morning routine, he then went onto formulate the “Miracle Morning Routine”. The miracle morning routine is comprised of 6 steps which form the acronym SAVERS, I mean who doesn’t need a little saving?

The miracle morning is supposed to take one-hour long (10 minutes per component), however if you’re just getting started we suggest starting with 1 minute per component (6 minutes in total) or whatever you’re comfortable with. So here it is – the miracle morning routine:

SILENCE: Take this time to meditate or pray, take some time to be in your thoughts.

AFFIRMATION: Formulate and speak through your daily affirmation, it can be anything! My favourite is “I am strong, I am healthy, I am capable and I can face anything today throws at me”. It doesn’t need to be super philosophical – take some time to personalise it to your goals and desires.

VISUALISATION: Visualise doing an activity for the day. The key is to visualise each step and to visualise how you want to approach the activity. For instance, if you want to start running but you hate it: visualise yourself smiling while putting on your running kit, visualise yourself smiling while you take the first few steps, how the cool winter air will feel on your flushed cheeks as your heart rate starts to rise and so on.

EXERCISE: You knew this one was coming ;). By exercising your body will release endorphins, once those endorphins start flowing, you will not regret it! Here’s a suggestion – if you don’t have the time to do a full blown workout, simply do 1 minute of star jumps. That’s all it takes. You’ll thank us later.

READ: Take time to read, get your mind activated. It can be a fictional or non-fictional book; an article or a blog post on House of Health ;). Try broaden your knowledge and start the day in a peaceful mindset.

SCRIBE: It’s becoming quite trendy to journal and we are not even slightly mad about it. Journaling can be quite daunting, so here is a little trick to start: every morning write down 5 goals for the day and 5 things you are grateful for, try get creative and not just stick to the common ones, dig deep.


So to sum it all up, here is a little infographic that we made especially for you (screenshot it and save it as your screensaver to remind yourself about your morning routine):

There you have it – 6 steps that will help you become the best you that you can be. Remember to stay kind and spread love. Have a beautiful, healthy and happy day xxx


Erold, H. Join the Consciousness Movement – Find the Miracle Life!. Retrieved 17 June 2020, from https://miraclemorning.com

by Cari on July 05, 2020

Really enjoyed this read! What simple way to make the best of every day :)

by Cari on July 05, 2020

Really enjoyed this read! What simple way to make the best of every day :)


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