5 Tips to creating & developing a self-care routine

by Natalie Christie on February 11, 2020
House of Health - 5 Tips to start your self-care routine
House of Health have proclaimed February the month for “Self-Care”. We believe everyone needs a few moments to themselves to rest, recover and restore themselves both mentally and physically on a daily basis or even just to become more aware of how important it is.
In todays society everything is fast paced and extremely stressful, we have very little time to ourselves and forget about how important it is for our mental health to just live in the moment, stress free and just enjoy the little moments in life.
We understand how difficult it can be to get started on a self-care routine, so we have 5 tips to help you get started on creating your self-care practice.
1.Decide a time of the day you can spare 5 minutes 
The first decision needs to be what time of the day best suits you? People have very different daily routines, some people prefer waking up early at 4am and some prefer only going to bed at 2am. This is the first important decision that helps you determine a set time of day that is less busy for you & that you know will suit your lifestyle and daily routine. If you need a extra little nudge or assistance, set your alarm a few minutes before you wake up so you can get up on time or set your alarm reminding you that it's "You time".
2.Choose a self-care practice
When you think of self-care, what sounds relaxing and appealing to you? Is it reading a book, relaxing in the bath, stretching, meditating or even just going for a walk. Maybe all of these practices sound amazing and you can alternate between them. It also depends on how much time you have to spare, maybe you are a mom and you can only spare ten minutes, that’s ok that’s ten minutes you never set aside for yourself before.
3.Find a quiet room or space
Where are you going to practice your self-care routine? If you not going for a walk or leaving the house, decide on a space or room that would be suitable & try keep everything close by in that room for your routine, making it simple and easy. If it’s a certain book keep it in the room you going to be practicing your self-care, if you want to meditate maybe place your mat and some candles or incense to help you feel at peace.
4.Develop awareness and create a routine
This is probably the most difficult to achieve, developing the mental awareness and creating a routine for yourself. It takes 21 days to create a routine or habit, in saying this the first 3 weeks will be a bit difficult trying to be aware to take that time for yourself instead of being caught up in the daily stresses – the most important part of this is to not be hard on yourself, if you are trying to start a self-care routine it will take time, but if you keep trying it will happen and over time it will become easier. You need to remember you have taken the first steps, it will take time and be kind to yourself, don't be hard on yourself if you can't wake up in time or get caught up with responsibilities, you are human and life happens. Remember you are trying to create a self-care routine to benefit yourself not to put more pressure.
5.Remind yourself the importance of self-care
Why do you want to start a self-care routine or practice, what are the benefits? Whenever you feeling down or demotivated remind yourself why is this important to you, why do you feel it is necessary in your routine. Do you struggle with anxiety and has meditating for 10minutes before you start each day helped, are you a mom feeling exhausted and just need that 10 minutes of silence to gather your strength for the day ahead – always remember your why.

Please share with us your self-care routines and tips are. Maybe someone else could find them useful or help them start their self-care routine.


We hope you find these tips useful and they help you in creating a self-care routine, we look forward to reading all your routines and tips you share with us.


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