Honesty Hour

by Nicole van Heerden on September 08, 2020
House of Health - Honesty Hour
Trigger Warning: this blog could trigger anxiety or related emotions. Please do not read further if it makes you uncomfortable. Please seek professional advice if you feel you need to.
Please note this was my personal experience, this is not for you to compare to, just to relate to – you may be in isolation, but I promise YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
As we enter spring, the House of Health team are launching a ‘Spring Cleaning’ series. In this series we are tackling all aspects of life, even focusing on decluttering your socials feed with a new look at local talent. To start I am going to share my personal and emotional decluttering.
Ahh what a curveball the ‘rona’ threw at us. This whole lockdown experience has been one where we have been forced to stop seeking outside sources of gratification and start to look within ourselves, this in itself can be an extremely emotional experience.
I am going to be honest here, the introvert in me thrived on the initial hard lockdown – social plans? Sorry its illegal. I was in my prime, secretly hoping we could make this work, for a little while longer. While I like to think that I was just loving being home with my family (unfortunately separated from others), finding new passions and exploring creative hobbies – the hard truth is that I was afraid of facing reality again.
We had 5 weeks, where the world felt as though it stopped turning, and now… we are playing catch-up. Have you ever delayed starting a fitness routine or assignment only to wish you had started sooner – that’s my daily feeling. Chasing something that should have happened, something that didn’t happen, and at this point something that I can’t imagine achieving. It’s an indescribable feeling really. It became a cycle, a hamster wheel, a draining and tiring moment. Every time one thing was completed there was another added, a vicious cycle that lead to feeling deflated and unaccomplished. I felt as though I was on the edge of burnout. You see, I didn’t notice - until it started to affect my performance in aspects of my life that were purely passion driven: running, writing, recipe creation. I initially started writing blogs because of the impact that one blog had on my life, and I hoped that one day I would make that impact on one person, just one. Yet, I was chasing unachievable deadlines that I had set out for myself, chasing the feeling of accomplishment and not fueling my passion. This is where I have to give all credit to Nats who is the brains and life behind House of Health. When I realised I was on the edge of burnout, Nats and I decided that I needed to take some time to just breathe. I can’t tell you how much this helped me and in writing this, I hope this serves as a friendly reminder to breathe. This explains the absence of blogs for the last few weeks – but I am back, feeling whole and ready to spread love and share my passions. At the end of the day it all comes down to this one line: You need to fill your cup, so that you can help fill others
Wishing you the happiest and healthiest week. Remember you are so loved and so worthy. Don’t forget to take time to just breathe and fill your cup xxx

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