Introduction to Meditation

by Natalie Christie on March 03, 2020
House of Health - Introduction to Meditation
What exactly is meditation?
Meditation is a practice where a person will use a technique such as being mindful, focusing on a thought or object – to train awareness and achieve a mentally clear, calm and emotionally stable state of mind.
We want to clear a few things up, because firstly you don’t get 1 type or way of meditating and secondly there is no right or wrong way to meditate. We want to clarify this as it’s important to know and understand as there is a stigma around meditation that you need to do certain things, or be in certain places to meditate and this is incorrect – you can meditate ANYWHERE you like and ANYWAY that suits you. If you like to go to the beach, lie on your floor at home in the dark or even just sitting in your garden with earphones on – these are all different ways you can meditate.
Throughout the month of March, we will share ideas, benefits and more information for you to make the decision to either try it out or even just to read up on it more to have a better understanding of meditation. We will be providing a directory later in the month for you to find some studios close to you in case you prefer to take that direction and find an environment which assists you to focus and clear your mind.
Benefits of Meditation:
(Science based research)
  1. Reduces stress
This is the main reason why people choose to meditate, it helps you calm your state of mind, your breathing and helps you refocus your attention.
  1. Control anxiety
It helps you control your anxiety and when we say “control” we mean be attentive and aware that your anxiety is happening – it helps you be aware and focus on your breathing to be calm.
  1. Promotes emotional health
While reducing your stress and anxiety levels in turn it promotes your emotional stress, being less anxious and tense.
  1. Enhances self-awareness
You develop an awareness of yourself and create a better understanding of yourself and how to manage yourself better in all kinds of tense, stressful and emotional situations.
  1. Can generate kindness
While you are developing your self-awareness and control this helps you be focused and aware of what you say to people affects them, which can help you be more conscious of how you respond or react in a certain situation.
How do you meditate? & Where do I star?
We’ve listed some links below to take a look at, they have some really great suggestions and ideas of how to mediate and if you a beginner where to start. There’s also some videos on Youtube you can watch to help start meditating if you would prefer doing it at home in your own space.
What is a Meditation bowl?
A Meditation bowl, singing bowl or Tibetan bowl have been used for centuries during their meditation practice. They create a range of sounds which can restore the vibratory frequencies of diseased or parts of the body, mind and soul which are out of harmony.
There are benefits of using them as well, but they are not necessary when starting your meditation practice. We will share more information on them if you like, please comment below if its something you would be interested in.
Where can I go to meditate and are there meditation classes?
There are so many studios or places around South Africa that have meditation classes or retreats where they practice some sort of meditation. We will share a directory of all the details of teachers, studios and retreats of where you can go in your area.

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