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The JSHealth Story

by Nicole van Heerden on July 09, 2020

 House of Health - The JSHealth Story

Jessica Sepel is a name that most of you will know. Jess is an inspiring and world renown nutritionist and bestselling author (Sepel, 2020). Jess is a born and bred South African girl, who made the move over to Australia when she was 13-years-old. At the ripe age of 14, Jess developed an eating disorder and discovered she had immense anxiety around food. Jess’ story has not only inspired millions of girls around the world, but she has inspired me personally. In her final years of studying nutrition she came to the realisation of how much all these fad diets were in fact damaging her body through her restrictive, counterintuitive and low nutrient diet. When she realised how much she was damaging her body and realised the impact it was having on her life, Jess embarked on her journey of healing and brought hundreds of woman along with her. Hundreds soon became thousands and thousands soon became millions. These women formed the JSHealth Community – a community of vulnerability and honesty, one where you can turn to when you get anxious around food or don’t know how to nourish your body.

Jess started off her empire through Instagram (before it was cool), she then started her journey through a blog where she would post what she was eating, why and how it made her feel. Jess then went on to write not just one but three best-selling books, develop the 8-week JSHealth program which then inspired her to develop the JSHealth App  (a nutrition app like no other) and her JSHealth Vitamins Range which includes the signature JSHealth Protein + Probiotics. Jess inspires millions of women every day to move and nourish your body in an intuitive way.

We launched the JSHealth giveaway this month which includes her signature products such as:

  • JSHealth Hair + Energy Vitamins
  • JSHealth Sugar + Metabolism Vitamins
  • JSHealth Skin + Digestion Vitamins
  • JSHealth Anxiety + Stress Vitamins
  • JSHealth Detox + Debloat Vitamins
  • JSHealth Protein + Probiotics (Cinnamon Scroll)
  • All of the Jessica Sepel Books (which are LIFE CHANGING)

The rules to enter the giveaway are https://www.instagram.com/p/CCFzejEppCw/ And if you have already entered you could get an additional entry by doing just one thing: re-sharing this blog 

Let us know if you have ever tried any of the Jessica Sepel Products and what you thought, we would love to hear! Here’s to Jess, inspiring us all to nourish our body’s and always be our most authentic selves. If you want to see more of these blogs and more giveaways, pop your email in the box below and subscribe to our newsletters to get the exciting news first. We hope you have a happy and healthy day xxx



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Retrieved from https://jessicasepel.com


by Lome Beeslaar on January 22, 2021

Yes. I have tried the hair and energy! It is amazing, still on my first bottle but would definitely get me a bottle again! I would love to try out more of JS Health products!!!

by Donna Matthew on January 22, 2021

I am a superfan of this brand. I have tried the hair and energy and so desperate to try the other products.

by Kelli Banfield on January 22, 2021

I have to say that the Detox and Debloat vitamins are brilliant!! I suffer from IBS and am gluten intolerant and these tablets have really helped alleviate my bloating and ease the uncomfortable feeling in my gut. And ease any constipation too! Awesome product!!


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