Daniella Lagerway

Healthy Living with Daniella

Based in Cape Town, SA

Ex SA Swimmer

Womans Health Fit Foodie 2019

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Sport Science Honours Degree – majoring in Fitness and Nutrition

Further studies in Nutrition at HFPA (nutrition consultancy and coaching)

Sports Massage Therapist at HFPA

Women's health & coaching on how to live a sustainably healthy lifestyle which encompasses mental & physical health.

Hi, My Name is Daniella Lagerway. I was born in the concrete jungle of Johannesburg and now I currently live in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I have always been super active; from a young age I began swimming competitively representing my Province (Gauteng) and even going on to represent South Africa. Once that amazing chapter of my life ended I continued to explore various ways to keep active and stay healthy. I ran many road and trail running races, open water swimming events, triathlons, I even went on to compete competitively in Obstacle Course Racing. I just love exercising & moving my body, it is part of who I am. With being super active nutrition was always important to me, making sure to fuel my body what it needed in order to perform and sustain my super active lifestyle. With this being said I have the craziest sweet tooth so I began creating healthier alternatives to the sweet treats I loved. Cooking / baking is a hobby and absolute passion of mine and was influenced by my Italian mum and her 3 sisters who are the most incredible cooks. I learned so much watching them cook while I was growing up and now I love creating delicious healthy sweet and savoury meals / treats/ desserts that are extra healthy and just as tasty. As you can see being super active and leading a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of who I am and this is why I chose to study and focus my career on Fitness and nutrition. I want to show women that being healthy is fun and is doable for everyone. Now I have my own online business where I am a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, guiding my clients in their personal healthy journey and equipping them with all they need in order to live a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

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