Jo Hill

Pull ups and Peanut Butter

Based in Durban, SA

Remedial Teacher

Creator of Pul Ups & Peanut Butter

Author of "Balanced"

BA Education

Honors Education Inclusive Education

Certificate in Play Therapy

Diploma in Personal Training

Currently Studying Sports Nutrition

Nutrition & Recipe Creation name is Jo and I'm addicted to chocolate...and fitness...wait...what??!! Yip, you read correctly!!! I am a huge fitness fanatic BUT, unfortunately, I have the world’s largest sweet tooth- not something that normally goes together, right? Well, I've made it my mission to show the world that it IS POSSIBLE to have the best of both literally CAN have your cake and eat it, you just need to know-how. Why eat grilled chicken and broccoli all week, only to binge on a slab of chocolate, a box of biscuits, a few donuts and few drive-through soft serve ice creams over the weekend? Trust me, I’ve been there...that’s why I think it’s better to find a way to find a balance- listen to your cravings and allow yourself to indulge every other day...the healthy way. My favourite past time is baking and coming up with healthy recipes to share with others has changed my life. I previously led a life full of restriction and disordered eating. I over-trained and under-rested. Through learning the hard way, I have managed to overcome these obstacles and it has been such an honour to share this journey with others, helping them to do the same.

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Jo Hill - Balance

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