Lil Bianchi Kimble

OTG Athlete

Based in Durban, SA

Owner of OTG Athletic

Co-owner of Oxygenate

4 x GPC World Powerlifting Champion

5 x RPC South African National Champion

44 x SA Record holder

19 x GPC World record holderQualifications

B.A Sports Science

ISSA certified strength & conditioning specialist

Precision Nutrition certified

Strength & Conditioning

I am driven by my pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.Rising from a background of substance abuse I learnt how to build my body from absolute weakness.  I have equipped myself with all the tools you need to go from a place of darkness to my new found lease and love for life, from nutritional health, to mental wellbeing and brute physical strength. It is my life’s aspiration to break down weakness and build phenomenal strength in all those who wish to push the envelope, break through plateaus and experience true physical culture.  Your body is a vehicle to transport your brain, and your brain deserves a ride of extraordinary performance

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