When I decided to start ‘diarising’ my Healthy Process on social media, I guess you could say I was trying to ‘capture’ the daily changes I was making – I had finally found a way of life that worked in harmony with my mental and physical being - and it resulted in my Healthy Process becoming a sustainable and achievable healthy lifestyle.

And, while the lifestyle choices are easier to document with recipes, workouts, and product choices there are some vital ‘tools’ in my Healthy Process ‘toolbox’ which offered me the space to be prepared, have a plan, and have clear goals set with intention. So, after spending far too much time jotting down ingredients on scraps of paper that would inevitably get thrown out or lost, and having my unstructured days blend into unproductive weeks, I quickly realised I needed PLANNERS (mom brain can’t hold it all) and so my Healthy Process stationary was born!


I hope that these digital and printable planners help to unpack your already full plate, one list at a time (also did I tell you how much I love lists – almost as much as Smarties and popcorn). And that you will be able to relax a little more into your Healthy Process knowing your planning, prepping and goals for the week have been set!

The Healthy Process (5)

The Healthy Process Stationery Bundle

R 300.00

The Healthy Process Meal Planner

R 180.00

The Healthy Process Calendar

R 30.00

The Healthy Process Goal Setter

R 70.00

The Healthy Process Daily Planner

R 110.00