My name is Natalie Christie, “NC Coaching” and I’m a qualified Nutrition Coach, a mom, a competitive runner and a health enthusiast. I would like to share my story and my reason to why I started my nutrition coaching journey, in hopes to help, motivate and support you to adjust and improve your lifestyle through Nutrition.

My Story

Growing up I always had a really great appetite, I always ate everything on my plate – greens and all plus more. When I started High School, I became a bit more aware & self-conscious about my body, what I looked like and how much I ate. 

This was the beginning of my unhealthy relationship with food, instead of just listening to my hunger signals as usual, I was controlling and over thinking about how much food I ate and started reducing my portion sizes and cutting out meals. This all stemmed from comments from my fellow pupils about how skinny I was, how was it possible too eat so much, where does it all go. All of the comments combined with the fact that I looked like a boy and was a late bloomer in every aspect, I started thinking “What is wrong with me?”, BUT nothing was wrong with me – I had an extremely healthy appetite, a fast metabolism and was actually fueling my body’s needs. 

It’s interesting, because it stemmed from a comment, a thought and not from me disliking my food, I loved my food, I loved eating and to this day still do. Disordered eating comes in many forms and can stem from many issues mostly not food, but the idea and thought of food is used as a comfort, a crutch, a coping mechanism and a way of “having control” or “power” over something giving you the perception that everything is ok, but we allow ourselves to create disordered behavior and negative emotion towards one of the most important things in our lives – FOOD & NUTRITION. 

Looking back, I wish I was more informed about nutrition, food in general and how it’s so easy to develop & create unhealthy habits unknowingly. This is exactly why I wanted to be a Nutrition Coach, I want to help people understand their food & overcome any negative relationship with food they might have and achieve their goals with dense nutritious food, whether it be for sports performance, weight loss or improving your lifestyle. Once I repaired my relationship with food & eating, I have been in the best condition of my life, I live a more balanced lifestyle & don’t restrict myself from enjoying the little things in life.




When I mention Nutrition, I don’t mean dieting or weight loss, I mean an enjoyable, healthy balanced diet to suit your lifestyle & bodies needs that compliments your life.

Nutrition is so much more than just some food on your plate, each food item you purchase at the grocery store has a contribution and effect on your health and your bodies functionality. We live in a society where everything is rushed, fast pace, money and time saving and no longer have time to prepare food, cook or eat a meal slowly and mindfully. Eating has become another task for many of us and have lost our awareness and understanding of why are we eating what we eat – its either eat to survive, save money, affordability, weight loss or a very few of us with purpose.

We should eat with purpose, whether it’s for enjoyment, socializing, health, culture, lifestyle or fueling for sport. All of these reasons need to be taken into consideration when you choosing what food to eat and why are you eating what you are eating. This is necessary in order to understand what your body & lifestyle needs are to determine what foods are best suited for you to compliment your lifestyle and health.