Meet Michaela

House of Health's recipe creator

Hello, my name is Michaela and I’m a creative Chef and recipe developer dedicated to producing exciting content and delicious recipes for online platforms.

I am a Plant-Based Chef with a Bcom in Hospitality Management, a Food Photographer through the elite Foodtography School and soon I’ll be a Certified Vegan Nutrition Health Coach.

After I graduated with a Degree in hospitality and I soon moved to the beautiful city of Cape Town to work as a Vegan Chef where my culinary skills flourished. In 2017 I packed up everything and travelled to Europe and South East Asia to fine tune my knowledge about different foods and cultures. I started Health Alignment which soon grew from a passion project, to my career developing tasty wholesome recipes and content that is published across multiple platforms.

As the name suggests Health Alignment is a (mostly) healthy recipe Blog that I started back in 2016. I was just finishing up studying and starting to explore Plant Based cooking so I decided to chronicle all of my favourite recipes online in form of a blog. Over the last few years, Health Alignment has served as a creative outlet where I have combined my love for healthy plant based recipes and Food Photography.

I love to work with companies that align with my brand and make magic happen through creating recipes for them and capturing the deliciousness through the lens of a camera.

The mentality of “We eat with our eyes” has been my biggest motivation to always create beautiful food that is presented in the best way possible to compliment the brands and products involved to allow the viewer to get a real look at what is possible.

I’ve always been passionate about living the healthiest life possible, developing healthy recipes with ingredients that are sustainably sourced to nourish myself, and I love to exercise which has led me to create wholesome meals that are full of all things nutritious..

With that being said I have made an effort to show how easy a plant based lifestyle can be to live and have enjoyed creating all my favourite dishes using healthier alternatives.