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Wazoogles Superfood | Kungfu Coffee Protein Blend
Wazoogles - KungFu Coffee Protein Blend
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Wazoogles - KungFu Coffee Protein Blend

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Wazoogles Kungfu coffee Organic Superfood Protein Blend is a handcrafted organic superfood and pea protein shake that is nutrient-dense and has a healthy combination of antioxidants, living enzymes, essential minerals, plant-based protein, and a wide spectrum of vital nutrients. It is free of added sugars, chemicals, colourants, flavourants, or fillers and is ideal as a breakfast smoothie, meal replacement or pre/post-workout shake. 

The shake is carefully formulated to nourish your body at a cellular level and will help you achieve and maintain sustained energy and a healthy weight.  


The KungFu Coffee Protein Blend includes the following ingredients:

CHIA SEEDS “The gold of the ancient Aztecs” - The richest plant source of omegas-3’s on this planet, also rich in calcium, fiber, and protein.

MACA ROOT “The Incan warrior power food” - A highly intelligent plant that adapts to the needs of your hormone, energy and immune system.

HEMP PROTEIN “The plant of life” - The most complete, edible, usable and digestable protein in the entire plant kingdom.

MESQUITE “The Native American white carob” - An extremely protein and nutrient rich, slow release food, that effectively balances blood sugar.

LUCUMA FRUIT “The creamy Peruvian superfruit” - Abundant in beta-carotene, niacin, and iron with significant amounts of calcium and vitamin B3.


Organic Turkish ground espresso*, Organic raw chia seeds*, Organic raw hemp protein powder*, Organic raw maca root*, Organic wild harvested mesquite, Organic raw lucuma fruit*, French grown water-extracted yellow pea protein.

*Raw and certified organic at source


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