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MetaLab Supps

MetaLab Supps - Whey Protein Bundles

MetaLab Supps - Whey Protein Bundles

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Featuring a blend of three branded whey proteins - Whey protein concentrate 80%, whey protein isolate 90% and whey protien hydrolysate - creating a protein that is full of flavour with a luxurious mouthfeel!

After many hours tinkering with formulas and recipes we landed on a whey protein that delivers hard on flavour and texture! With just water and few shakes of the shaker you will have a milkshake like consistency and texture! We work directly with various flavour houses to achieve our gourmet, daily drinkable flavour profiles that are sure to please your taste buds on the daily! 

We believe in leaving our mark on your fitness journey but not the environment! That is why we only work with dairy farms that support sustainable dairy farming and recycle water in the manufacturing process. The cows are grass fed and their precious milk is ethically farmed for a tasty and consistent batch of whey every time!

Featuring AstraGin! A clinically proven gut health and absorption aid, you will know that each sip you take is being fully absorbed for maximum effects and value per scoop! AstraGin has been proven to specifically improve the absorption of protein and amino acids ensuring you maximize the effects of your METALAB proteins!

On top of this, all our proteins contain our blend of METALAB digestive enzymes to ensure our protein is easy on your gut no matter how many servings you decide to chug down!

All of our proteins are proudly artificial colourant free! No nasty dyes here fam!

All our protein batches are consistent in protein content, lactose content and amino acid content every time! We only use one protein supplier to prevent fluctuations in quality. All our proteins are tested for heavy metals and bacteria to ensure your safety with every sip.
We will provide testing certificates on demand, so feel free to reach out fam!


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We have created pre-orders for your convenience due to the shortages and availability of stock. When you pre-order it will function as a normal order would, the only difference is the "order" placed will only be sent off once that stock is received and restocked. The benefit of a "pre-order" it allows you to secure your order before the stock arrives to prevent missing out. 

We cannot give a definite or defined timeline when the stock will arrive as we wait for the stock to be delivered. We do order stock in advance and track the progress consistently. As soon as we receive the stock, we will communicate with everyone who has pre-ordered that you will be receiving your stock very soon. 

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