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Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health - Bacterial Defense

Vibrant Health - Bacterial Defense

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We encounter both friendly and unfriendly bacteria every day in the air, on our food, and in our water. Bacterial Defense contains plants that naturally target and kill bad bacteria, and help maintain a healthy bacterial balance throughout the body.

  • Targeted immune support
  • Bacteria balancing ingredients  

Balance bacteria naturally

Bacterial Defense contains plants which naturally target and kill bad bacteria. Bacterial Defense’s carefully selected ingredients include clove buds, jambolan leaf, lemon balm leaf, pomegranate fruit, rosemary leaf, thyme leaves and flowers, and eucalyptus leaves. Extracts concentrate and amplify the power of the active constituents from beneficial plants. These plant extracts are combined with benzoic acid and refined cinnamic acids to boost the body’s ability to destroy harmful bacteria and remain in a healthful balance

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